Soft, almost a ballet pink pearl triple strand statement necklace with interesting diamond shaped coin pearl drops.  This necklace can be worn as is, or combined with the separate, single strand pink pearl necklace shown below.  With the combination of both pieces you will have the option to wear either a four strand statement necklace, or, by attaching the clasps together, the necklace becomes long, with the 3 strand portion hanging to or towards your waist.  Very versatile. 

Clean lined pearls in a color that is almost a ballet pink, accented by matching Swarovski crystals.  A classic that looks beautiful alone, or when combined with the triple strand necklace above, becomes a true statement. 

Diamond shaped coin pearl multi-drops.  Each pearl has its own unique individuality.  No two alike, but overall, in a color that has a washed tint of soft ballet pink.

Or, classic Swarovski crystals with high quality sterling accents.