Labradorite!  So many who see it, fall in love!  An earthy stone which at first seems to be a mere murky gray, but turn the stone ever so slightly and reveal a beautiful play of iridescent color.   Blue, aqua, green, yellow are all colors that might strike your eye.  Sometimes orange and red are seen.  The internal structure causes lines and markings that break up the sheets of color and adds even more individuality to each stone.  Frequently there's a dusting of speckles.  Labradorite is beautiful!


In the dainty necklace above the labradorite slices are a lighter shade of gray than is usually seen and is combined with Swarovski crystals which reflect a similar aurora borealis.  Tiny gray glass seed beads and sterling clasp and accents are all used to frame the delicate stones. 


This necklace shows some of the interesting markings seen with labradorite.  In this case, the body color of the stone has a greenish cast, so the design is done with freshwater pearls that also have a grayish-greenish tint.


Greenish gray slices of labradorite hearts with sterling wires and accents.. 

Light on the ear, easy on the eye.