We are a small, home based business located in Spring, Texas, just north of Houston.  Begun by Patricia Liles in 1999 to design and make unique, original and quality beaded jewelry for shops, boutiques and galleries. 

The designs begin with a treasure hunt by Patricia for beautiful pearls, stones, high quality metals, glass and crystals from around the world.  Once in her studio, she designs the original and then turns to one of her three assistants to help her complete the small edition.  The assistants also work from their homes, making this a modern version of a cottage industry.  After completion, all the pieces are sent out to various shops for sale. 

We love the beauty of the treasures we work with, and hope that you will enjoy these pieces for many years.  We hope too, that some of these designs will be considered timeless treasures, of the kind that are worthy to be handed down to the next generation. 

What exactly is 'Water Poppies' and why?

After 2008 customers began asking for more affordable options, but with a similar design style.  A separate name and logo differentiates the new Water Poppies line from the original Patricia Liles concept.  Patricia still uses a treasure hunt style for finding unique and interesting components, but there is a stronger selection of vintage beads, with less emphasis on precious metals.  Any Water Poppies earring style that does not contain sterling ear wires can easily be upgraded for those women who value or need the higher quality.